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DSF with Hubby

DSF with Hubby
That's him looking at a pair of shoes probably thinking for god's sake what is it they love about this ??!!!!

That's him looking at a pair of shoes probably thinking for god's sake what is it they love about this ??!!!!


DSF ( Dubai Something Festival ) on full blast, the Hubby needed some pants. When he said let’s go shopping, I was at the door, clothes on in 5 seconds. I never say no to shopping even if I’m dead sick with 40 degrees. I was soooo happy because I was going to go check the sales for the second time this week so I’ll have a second chance at browsing some shops I missed last time with friends. 

I was so happy because I thought yeayyy a good half afternoon well spent without me spending a dime. However, I completely forgot shopping with Hubby was a different experience! Neither did I know that we would be wrapping up our session in 45 min! He almost brought a map with an excel sheet of the few shops he wanted to do so we don't loose time (loose time?! according to him yes). Sorry but 45 min was just a total blasphemy on the sales festival! Alright, I exaggerate it was probably 1h30 total, 30 minutes to park, 15 min for him to choose the pants and the rest for ME!

This is how it went practically, we did 3 shops in total for his pants and I still managed to check more shops than him! He tried few pants bought some then said “cool I nailed it, I have enough pants for the rest of the year” which was 3 pairs of pants in total …In my mind I was like SERIOUSLYYYYYYY ??? but I abstained from any comments so I could still have a look at what I wanted ( I know I’m egoist and bad and whatever you call me but sales is sales !!!)

Last time I went with friends we practically spent 6 hours and at the end we all said: “ GHHHH we hardly did any shops…”. Yes because with friends we have to deploy all the racks check garment by garment, try 20 outfits and throw 19. And it goes on and on in each and every shop until our heads spin and we all come back running to Panadol extras. If you don’t take the Panadol at the end of a shopping spree it just means you didn't really shop! 

However, today I still had a little look at the shoe section at dear Harvey Nichols. Even though he said just go do a tour I’m waiting here, I was scared to try any shoe.  Even from far, I felt his scrutinizing look in the back of my neck. So in my head, I just thought “Chillax, just spot and go pray that they will still have your size when you come back”. Dear little Harvey, yes you were right I needed First Aid today with the husbander! I was not prepared for the worst !!!!!!

But in all good faith to sales and shopping, I still managed to get some makeup which had some good deals on! Ladies, I’ll let you in on that in next post :)





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