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If there is a toy I never regret buying for my kids it is LEGO! May be not so when I walk at night in their room and step on a bridge ..but still when I see them building a city that looks like nothing, I keep on “wowing” and “ooiing” to encourage them to continue. 


After our trip to Legoland we all came back invigorated with these little bricks ..and so I asked to play with them! Only to hear “ MAMA but we don't have any legos they are all lost !!!!”  WHOOOOTTTTT ??????kidding me ???? all this fortune I’ve been investing in was lost ???!!!


I stormed to their room on a mission! And shouted you all come here and we are going to see how on earth these LEGOs disappeared! I took a big basket full of broken heads, torn legs and crashed cars (yeah that’s how their toy boxes look like) ..I’m always amazed when I go to my friend’s houses and find perfect toys hanging here and there like trophies. My kids never left a toy in one piece more than a week. 


So going back to that box of casualties… we all sat on the floor and I gave them targets! Yeah, how else do you get a kid to look for something? A lego mini figure was the most valuable thing and got 10 points. So all three heads, mine included, were inside that toy box digging for LEGO’s. The ten points for the mini figure was worth it because whenever someone found a Zain or a Nexo Knight we all started singing and dancing ( I learned all their names by heart by now)! I discovered that these little Bricks & Figures had a history and my son knew all their history! he knew who’s leg was who’s and who’s sword was who’s “ OHH that hat is for Kayle” ..” Mummy this radio is Loyd's when he was in that toy last time you bought it for me when we were at that mall and you were shouting that you didn't want to buy me toys but at the end you bought me two”…Incredible 1000 brick and they still remember each accessory is who’s but when you ask them about what they did in school in the morning they tell you “ HHHH I FORGOOOOT” 


There is something so rewarding about digging these little things inside a toy box …I myself felt like a gold digger! And because I’m no LEGO expert, whenever I came across a pseudo brick I had to ask “Is this Lego?” and the quick answer “ MUUUMMY seriouuuusly !!!!THIS IS NOT LEGO!!!!!” Ok, I’m sorry I used to play with barbies when I was young.


Kayle, Loyd, Mr engineer, Nexo …an army of mini figures and a thousand bricks later, I called my maid and gave her a lesson in LLEGOs!If I see these little bricks mixed up with the other broken toys, she will go next digging because my neck got broken in the process.


However, that vacation looks promising because the carpet in the living room is full of bricks and a half built city of legos and the tablet got relegated to the second place. But most promising of all is that I can sleep until 9am! There is still this fire alarm that breaks from time to time of “ MAMAAAA he took my Zaaaaainnn” but we have digged enough that “Kayle" takes quickly over. I LOVE YOU LEGOO’s !!!

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