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Ohh Sephora Sephora !! (Part 2)

Ohh Sephora Sephora !! (Part 2)

I will not say this enough, I’m no makeup junkie…But Sephora got me another time!

There is something about being around so many little pots of colors that draws me like a magnet. It brings me memories of being a kid again with these “gouache” palettes drawing something that resembles remotely to a garden ..the same still happens on my face drawing something that remotely looks like a line on my eyes! Yes, so that was why we are again at Sephora to perfect that damn line.

The duo became a trio on our haul to Sephora yesterday. Hello! I’m bringing you business here my dears ..wake up! Alright, it's not like I don’t enjoy it as well..but I could at least get some free samples no? nada? 

Sorry, but I will be graphic here. I almost fainted (to say the least) when I tried Lancome Mascara ..I used the doll eyes a long time ago and because I get tired of one brand I moved to something else. But yesterday when I tried this new baby from the brand I kind of thought to myself “ Why did I leave this one again…?” I’m not talking about a boyfriend, just mascara here, please!

This time we were served by a Filipino makeup artist..feewwww! Sorry, but why are your minds so twisted up? I was just watching the liner technique! But yesterday I gave in that even if I watch this zillion times I will never get that perfect strike ..so I will just keep doing my stupid zigzag line of mine and pretend that it’s alright and move on! My friend who also happens to live near Sephora had the idea of probably dropping by every day to just have her liner done then go to work ..not bad, not bad at all !!! The sky’s the limit for perfecting that liner..Mr. Filipino obviously saw the desperation in our eyes (well he was doing my friend’s eyes) that he somehow ventured the tape tip that every youtube makeup serial tutorial watcher knows. Tape or no tape I’m a lost cause !! Khalas !! But at least we understood that even the best makeup artist cannot nail down two perfect lines similar to each other …GOTCHA!!!

The second blast moment was the discovery of the newest eyebrow pencil ( not sure it's that newww but it's new to me !!!).. And they also have an eyebrows bar!! It costs an arm and a leg but I’m sure I will want to try it sometimes. Not saying the brand of them eyebrow pencils :)  Yalla PM me and I will sneak the name :) 

As no makeup haul can go without trying your favorite lipstick shade and ending up buying it.But at least I learned something new..lipstick color shows differently on different people depending on their blood vessels colors ..You are either warm or cold. You are cold when your blood vessels look blueish and you can check this out on the back of your arm wrists..now I see everyone is turning their hands and checking ..the problem is I don't remember which shade goes with which type of vessel color ..but I’m sure that I have given you enough boost after this second post that you are already on your way to Sephora to check this up :) 

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I love Sephora make up.... pricy...pricy...but it is the one make up that I can put on my face and I do not break out or show the lining … love it..thanks for sharing