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Sugar free diet ..I'm dying !

Sugar free diet ..I'm dying !


I’ve never been prone to weight gain until I hit my thirties and all shit broke lose...Ok I’m talking about an annoying 5kg which I cannot lose and yes it annoys me. Obviously some of you are rolling eyes, but you have to understand it from a skinny person (ex skinny) perspective...5 KG is way too much!

Anyway, weight gain is not my topic today! I identified many factors for my weight gain, and I thought one of the things I could work on big time was to reduce sugar intake. Please no lecturing on hitting the Gym bla bla , and you have to find the time to work out bla bla ..Believe me I DID and still my body does a yoyo swing of “hey 1kg less, 2kgs back”.

Obviously I roamed all blogs and websites out there to see how I could go about this sugar free diet, given that I’m a sugar addict. Just the idea of drinking my tea or coffee without sugar gives me the creeps. Statements like “how can anybody drink his coffee with sugar!!!” hit me in the face. Yes I can only drink coffee with sugar and proud to say so!

So anyway I embarked on this nice journey of removing sugar from my diet (I kept the natural sources like fruits) come on!!! You don’t want me to lose all the pleasure in life!

My nutritionist friend told me, you just need 3 weeks of this diet and you will see how your body will not crave sugar anymore… bullshit and biggest lie ever told and perpetrated. May be for me they they should talk more about 3 years of severance! There are times in the day like 2 pm where a red light breaks loose like an ambulance in my mind screaming “SUGAR FOR F. SAKE!!!”. The worst is when you have to refuse a piece of cake or you have to tell your friend thanks but I’m not eating all this because I’m on a sugar free diet. Sugar free diet is just an offense to any socializing event.

After more than one month now both coffee and tea taste like blaaaahhhh. I still find a spoon in my hand when I’m preparing them. I tried 90% chocolate after coffee, I tried salt in my coffee, I tried vanilla. Nothing to replace the addictive sweet taste. Now I just drink them like a medicine waiting for the caffeine to hit my system. My 5 kg are still showing on my weighing machine even bigger and bolder. But I’m not going back to sugar anytime soon and this in itself is an achievement!  

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